Why Staging is Highly Recommended When Listing Properties?

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If you’re thinking of selling your home then I strongly recommend you to invest in home staging when listing your property. Being a seasoned Real Estate Professional, I think that home staging truly pays off. 

However, what I have also realised is that many potential home sellers are not aware of the ‘home staging’ concept. And what’s worse is that when they reach out to real estate Professionals for help, they are as perplexed at working out the details as the home sellers. This is because some of the agents are experts in the field of selling and closing but are not design savvy. They know about the factors that can help sell a home but it’s not easy for them to get a home in top selling condition that too in a time mannerly. 

But don’t worry I take pride in being an expert in home staging and selling. Over the years home staging has become a crucial part of the home selling equation. But before I share with you some of the amazing benefits of it, let me first walk you through what exactly home staging is. Continue reading to find out….

Home Staging—What is it? 

Home staging is a sales technique that carefully integrates decorating with marketing. Simply stated, it is more than furnishing a home—it is about selling a lifestyle. This technique empowers you to sell your home to the largest audience by maximizing its potential. 

It focuses on enhancing the look of your home by eliminating all distractions that keep potential home buyers from remembering the best features of the house. 

Home staging clearly defines all the areas of your home emphasizing the space, features and functionality of your house.

Why Staging is Crucial? 

Here are some of the many reasons why I think potential home sellers should consider home staging when listing properties:

Reason#1—Makes Your House Stand Out 

As soon as you put your home for sale, it competes with all the properties listed in your surrounding area. The best way to attract potential home buyers is staging. Staging is all about showing your house in the best possible way. It allows potential buyers to imagine their future in the home for sale and creates an emotional connection too. Statistics show that prospects are willing to pay nearly 5 percent more of the dollar value on a staged home in comparison to a non-staged house. 

So, if two identical homes in the neighbourhood are for sale at the same price, one empty and other staged, prospects are most likely to consider and invest in a staged home because it shows the potential future for a prospective buyer.

Reason#2—Increases Home’s Perceived Value 

Although home staging doesn’t increase the real value of your property but it can definitely add to its perceived value. This is because a prospect can actually see the maximum potential that your home has thereby increasing its perceived value. According to a research conducting by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp, staged houses have the potential to sell for 6 percent above the asking price, and some houses can sell even higher than that. 

Reason#3—It’s Easier to Advertise Homes

Once your home is staged, all you need to do is advertise it by taking amazing photos of your house and creating a home tour video. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to real estate a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. By posting the photographs and video of your staged home online you can attract hundreds of prospects right away. If they like what they see in the photos, I can confidently say that they will want to visit your home in person too and chances are they might even make an offer. 

Reason#4—Helps Maximize Space 

If your home is small, then don’t worry because staging is one technique that can help you maximize space instantly. Staging helps prospects see the openness of your house instead of limiting their focus on the small square footage. 

It enables you to give every room in your house a clear purpose by creating a flow and using the limited space smartly. 

Reason#5—Have a Positive Impact on the Buyers

Staging is effective because it keeps in consideration what buyers want and need and simultaneously taps into their emotions. It creates a positive impact on the buyer as they can picture themselves living in that home instantly. Furthermore, studies show that 49 percent of the buyers are positively affected by home staging.

Reason#6—Fetch a Faster Sale 

For those home sellers who want to close the deal fast, home staging is the way to go. Home staging not only helps the house stand out from the crowd but also creates an impactful first impression on the prospects. All this contributes to a fast sale. 

According to the National Association of Realtors survey, staged homes spend an average of 73 percent less time on the market as compared to non-staged homes. They get sold faster. And besides this, if listed homes stay longer on the market, its price is most likely to drop with time. So, if you are looking for a quick sale then consider home staging. 

Reason#7—It Gives an Impression of a Well-Maintained House

When prospects come to see your home, they will be making observations on different levels. They’ll be looking for clues that indicate the actual condition of the house. However, if your home is staged effectively, it will give an impression of a well-maintained home.  Let’s not forget the first step to home staging is fixing what is broken—the basic repairs. Once the basic repairs are done, you move to the next step, the cosmetic touches like decorating and painting. All this helps makes your house appear in top condition thus putting the buyer’s mind at peace and that is what you are aiming for. 

Reason#8—Gives You a Head Start on Packaging 

Eventually once your home is sold, you will have to start packing your belongings. However, home staging gives you a head start on this. Wondering how? Well, once you start staging your home, you will have to declutter it and remove several of your belongings beforehand. 

In other words, you will have to pack away personal belongings so that potential home buyers can imagine living inside your home. So, let’s just say home staging can actually make packing easier. 

Now that you know the benefits of home staging, make sure that you take advantage of it when listing your home for sale. Showcase your space properly to achieve the benefits of home staging and sell your home faster.

For more information or assistance contact me. Allow me to help you with home staging process.